You don't have to be a backyard chemist to enjoy a crystal-clear pool.

Your pool is supposed to be fun. That’s why you own one! But dealing with water chemistry is frustrating. Especially when you're not sure what chemicals to add and when.

And what if your pool turns green or cloudy?! Plus, once you get the chemistry right, then you have to keep it clean. Owning a pool shouldn't be confusing, frustrating, and labor-intensive!

Forget searching the internet for answers – you already found one. And forget hiring someone – that's too expensive. All you need is a simple process for taking care of your pool. No more frustration, no more guessing, and no more problems!

I created The Pool Care Handbook and Video course that reveals my 3-step system for keeping any size pool clean and clear at all times. This is the LAST and ONLY pool guide you'll need.

The Pool Care Handbook and Video Course are designed to take the confusion and frustration out of your pool. And you'll never have to go searching around the web for the wrong information again.

In this course and handbook, you'll learn:

  • How to keep your water balanced and sanitized with a step-by-step chemical system.
  • The secrets to cleaning your pool fast with skimming and vacuuming techniques the pros use.
  • The formula for clearing up your green or cloudy pool in just a few days without breaking the bank.
  • How to save money on chemicals and equipment. And learn how to avoid buying things you don't need.
  • How to address any pool problem without asking for help or searching the internet.

Don't miss out on saving hundreds on pool chemicals.

Pool chemistry is tough if you don't know where to start. We walk you through which chemicals you need and which ones you don't. We even include dosing charts so you'll know how much to add without second-guessing.

You'll save hundreds of dollars a year on pool chemicals and equipment! And the average cost to maintain a pool is about $960 to $1,800 yearly.

We know green and cloudy water can cost you a lot of money. This course will show you how to spend less money to fix and prevent these issues from happening.

Pool Chemical Savings
Pool Cleaning

Spend less time cleaning your pool and more time swimming.

We developed a few tactics for keeping a pool clean and clear without spending too much time on it. We'll teach you how to set up your pool for optimum circulation, which will lead to less skimming and vacuuming.

However, you'll still have to clean it by hand from time to time and we'll show you how to approach it's less of a chore and more of an experience. You'll always have a clean and clear pool that'll be ready to jump in at any given time.

Say goodbye to green and cloudy pool water!

You're bound to run into a few problems like green algae, cloudy water, and pool staining. These may seem like a disaster, but they're easy to troubleshoot.

You'll learn how to solve your pool water problems quickly, so you can get right back to swimming again.

Chronic pool algae or cloudy water can cost you a lot of money. Our course will show you how to spend as little money as possible to fix and prevent these issues from ever happening.

Pool Algae

Get updated video lessons and an illustrated pool care manual in one bundle!

We've included over 30 step-by-step video lessons to help you master pool chemistry, cleaning, and troubleshooting. Watch every lesson anytime you want. Even near your pool!

And you'll also get The Pool Care Handbook (PDF) instantly on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It's full of helpful illustrations and charts, this comprehensive pool manual covers everything from setting up your pool to keeping it clean and clear.

And we always keep it up to date with new information. Buy it once, and own the latest versions for life!

Whether you're a new pool owner or you're just sick of running into the same issues over and over again, this course will teach you all the essentials. Here's a rundown of what the course will cover:

  • Introduction to Pool Care: We'll teach you the basic principles of working smarter (not harder) when it comes to taking care of your pool.
  • Your Pool Anatomy: You'll learn the inner workings of both above-ground and in-ground swimming pools. You'll understand how your pool is built, how water flows in and out of the filter system and why it matters to know how it works.
  • Proper Pool Circulation: Pool circulation is the most important and commonly overlooked area in pool care. You'll learn the ins and outs of your filter system and how to keep your water clean just by keeping the water moving.
  • How to Clean Your Pool The Right Way: Every pool gets dirty occasionally, but you'll learn how to keep your pool consistently clean so you don’t have any major issues. We cover proper skimming, vacuuming, brushing, and backwashing your filter.
  • Easy Pool Chemistry: We explain water chemistry in its simplest form. We'll only provide you with the most important chemical information and how to keep a regular schedule. We cover balancing, sanitizing, shocking, algaecides, clarifiers, and more.
  • Troubleshooting Any Pool Problem: Sometimes, green or cloudy water happens. You'll understand why it happened and how to deal with it. You'll also learn about common issues you might run into and how to fix them.
  • BONUSES: We've included a whole section full of bonus materials, including printable resources to keep track of your pool care, common pool equipment, and chemistry terms.

Real pool owners LOVE the Pool Care Handbook and Video Course

Your Pool Care Expert

Matt Giovanisci, the founder of Swim University®, started in the pool industry at age 13. And in 2006, he started Swim University® to help make pool care easy for homeowners like you.

Each year, he continues to help more people with water chemistry, cleaning, and troubleshooting.

Matt Giovanisci Swim University


Got Questions? We Have Answers!

Does this course cover the type of pool I own?

The Pool Care Handbook And Video Course covers every type of swimming pool including inground (concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass), aboveground, and Intex/Quick-Set pools.

Is there a physical copy of this book?

This in-depth guide contains a lot of pages and detailed illustrations. In order to keep the cost down, we're offering it as a digital download instead of a physical book that would have to be printed.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

You bet. We put a lot of work into this course to make the most comprehensive pool guide on the planet. But if, for whatever reason, you don't find it helpful, we'll refund your money.

Will this course help me if I have a salt water pool?

Yes! This course covers every type of pool, no matter what you choose to sanitize your water with.

What device can I read this ebook on?

You can read it on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Take it out to your swimming pool using your laptop, e-reader, smartphone (iPhone or Android) or tablet. This includes iPads, Galaxy, Nook, Kindle, Sony eReader and more

How do I access the video course?

Once your payment is processed, you'll be instantly logged into your product dashboard with the username and password you created. You can log back in at any time (forever) to access these products.

What device can I watch the video course on?

You can stream every video lesson on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Take it out to your swimming pool using your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. The only requirement is an Internet connection.

Is my credit card secure?

100% yes! We've partnered with Stripe and PayPal to handle the billing and provide a secure 128-bit encryption. Your credit card data is safer with our SSL than it is buying gas or at your favorite restaurant. Your transaction is completely protected from fraud.